Saturday, January 26, 2008

Miko and Donny Crouch

Congratulations to Miko and Donny!
These are two of the most lovely people that I know. They are my friends, my community, and also great musicians.
Though I was one of her bridesmaids we found out at the very last minute that Miko's photographer had broken his ribs and couldn't attend...we broke out the cameras and captured as much as we could of the event!
The song on the slideshow was composed and performed by Miko and Donny Crouch.
Lots of love,



Friday, January 26, 2007

Susan and Paul

They tied the knot! Where did "tie the knot" come from as an expression?? I am sure there is some easily googled history there, but I use the phrase completely without any awareness of what it is.
They got hitched! They jumped over the broom! Okay.. they got married!
It has been so nice getting to know Susan and Paul.. they are laid back and funny and really in love. Though in every day life I think they are very modern and hip, on the day of their wedding there was a physical and emotional undercurrent of being in another era.
It was a beautiful day with lots of luscious skies and sunshine. The ceremony at St Anne's was gorgeous and steeped in tradition. The reception was at The Courtyard on St. James... as a venue I highly recommend it. The staff were fabulous... helpful, well informed, they ran a tight ship so to speak (I am laughing at all of these expressions!!), and the most important thing is that the bride and groom and the guests seemed to have a wonderful time.
I had a good time too! You couldn't have scripted it to go any better.
These people are special, this day was special, and I was so happy to be their photographer. I know that Sid feels the same way.
Check out the slideshow if you get a chance.