Friday, April 20, 2007

Morgan Williams

Wouldn't it be cool to go back to your senior year and see what you looked like, what you wore, who your crush was... just to get a small glimpse into that era of your life?
I for one thought I would always be That Girl! And sometimes I think, unrealistically, that I will always be This Woman. Anyway, though I can't revisit that time in my life, I can document it for other people...
This is Morgan. This is what she looked like during her senior year of high school, this is who she dated, this is the way she smiled, this is who she was just before she embarked upon that one way trip to adulthood.
Only good things in store for you Morgan! Congratulations and lots of love~


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Captured Eccentricities said...

Beautiful. I love these!

2:41 PM  
Dena said...

Beautiful Beautiful works of art!

10:53 AM  

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