Monday, January 08, 2007

Heather Westendarp's birthday celebration

Here are a few photos of the fabulous birthday bash we shot for Heather Westendarp! It was one of those events that didn't feel like work at all... the people were lively and fun and definitely knew how to have a good time! Also, it became increasingly clear as the night progressed, just how special and dear this woman is to the people in her life. It was awesome documenting this night...a saucy smile on the dance floor, a daring dip, a heartfelt hug, or uproarious laughter.. I have often said, and I will say again here (!) that this job is like going on an emotional treasure hunt. How fun is that? Its to the point where I cant have any kind of interaction without wishing I had my camera with me.


2 Comments: said...

Your photography is absolutely incredible. I have watched the slideshows repeatedly. They are so beautiful; fresh and touching. They are way beyond anything I expected to see. Now all I have to do is have an excuse to hire you to photograph me!

2:18 PM  
Only Once Images said...

First of all, thank you for your words and seeing beyond the image.. the words you use are exactly the way that I see my clients... beautiful, fresh, touching. Thank you for validating that.
Second, Anytime!!!

10:04 PM  

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